GoFiltr Alkaline Starter Sets With FREE Water Bottle

Most Advanced Alkaline. Zero Sweat.

Meet The Family


Create Ionized Antioxidant Alkaline Water
For Your Ultimate Everyday Hydration,
& Balanced Diet.


Alkaline C+

Ionized Antioxidant Alkaline Water
With Splash of Vitamin C+.
Fight Free Radicals & Sun Damage.


Alkaline Mg

Magnesium Enriched Ionized Antioxidant Alkaline Water + Electrolytes.
Hydrate, Detoxify, Recover Faster.



Electrolytes. Zero Sugar.
Performance H2O to Restore
What You Lose in Sweat.


Alkaline Alkaline C+ Alkaline Mg Electrolyte
suggested use daily hydration,
balanced diet
fight free radicals,
sun damage,
immune support
dehydration & recovery
performance recovery,
fitness support,
daily electrolytes
fits any reusable bottle
creates mineral alkaline water up to 9.5pH up to 9.5pH up to 9.5pH up to 9pH
Infuses water with electrolytes
Infuses water with magnesium
infuses water with vital minerals
infuses water with vitamin C
ionizes water
mineral formula base sioFuse sioFuse sioFuse-M sioFuse-E

Starter Sets
Water Bottle

32 oz Insulated Stainless Steel. Make Ionized Mineral Alkaline Water With Electrolytes On-The-Go.

GoFiltr Alkaline Original in Hand

Most Advanced Alkaline. Refined.

NEW Tasteless Formula. Most Advanced Ionized Mineral Alkaline. Made in Minutes. Fits Any Water Bottle.

All GoFiltrs

Fit Any Water Bottle

No attachments. No modifications.  Guaranteed to fit all Swell, Hydroflask, Mira, Nalgene, CamelBak, Kleen Kanteen and other bottles with an opening of 1” (27mm) or larger.

3 Months or 750 Refills

Up to 3 months or 750 refills. Just 4 cents per refill/bottle. Make more than 90 gallons of your favorite Alkaline or Electrolyte water. Just refill your bottle and drink.

Made In California

All GoFiltrs are made in small batches in sunny California, USA. We are a small San Francisco based startup that’s on a mission to engineer  an ultimate hydration.

Good For You & The Planet

Each GoFiltr eliminates up to 750 plastic water bottles from our landfills and oceans. We also partner with other organizations to help cleanup the mess we’ve already made.

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Activate & Track

usage & refills with free

GoFiltr App

+ customize it with your bottle
+ see your optimal water intake
+ get notified when it’s time to replace

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6 Months of Alkaline

Enter to win a 6 month supply of GoFiltr Alkaline. Winners selected monthly! Next drawing is on July 15th.

June 2019 Winners
Ruth B and Brian M - Congrats!