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Got paid to leave a negative review on Amazon? Negative rating? Got incentive to upvote a negative review? Got instructed to purchase and then return our products on Amazon? We pay much more for the information on the guys who hired you!

Review based solely on your personal opinion without any incentives or third party involvement? Thank you!

If you left a negative review on Amazon and it’s solely based on your personal opinion and without any incentive (money, discount, personal favor, etc.) or a direction by a third party (a web service, a person, a business) – we want to thank you! We do NOT provide any incentives to write, modify or remove any  reviews. Your honest feedback is how we grow and make our products better! We read all reviews – good or full of opportunities, we investigate every issue, share with our team, and collectively improve our products and processes. In 2019 we made over 180 improvements based on the feedback from our customers and by the end of 2019 we confidently can say that our products are as good as they can get. Thank you once again!

Left review or rating and received an incentive from a third party? We pay up to $1000 for information.

We are not after you, we are after those who hired you.
Received an incentive from third party to leave review or perform adverse action? Left a negative review, rating, negative review upvote, purchased and returned a GoFiltr product as per instruction/direction by third party? Anything else we didn’t cover? We compensate up to $1000 for information that results in clearing action. Any above mentioned actions are certainly against Amazon’s product review policies no matter what third party told you, while contracting reviewers to perform a negative action on competitor products is a felony, illegal and prosecutable by law.

Information we are looking for:

  • Link to your review on amazon and/or description of the negative action(s) performed on GoFiltr products (negative review upvotes, ratings without reviews, buy/returns, etc)
  • Name(s) of third party(ies) who requested such action (if known)
  • Description of the incentive(s) received to perform such action
  • Any communication between you and third party that contains instructions or directions by a third party to perform a negative action on our products
  • Any additional information that can be used to identify the third party in order to take an appropriate action, resulting in clearing action by either Amazon or legal system.
  • Extra plus if you were asked to perform a negative action on one of our products while performing a positive action on competitors/third party product or account.
Please do not modify or delete your review or rating before contacting us – get in touch and we’ll provide you with simple instructions on how to proceed.

What we offer:

  • Monetary compensation of up to $1000 for verifiable information (ex: emails or messages with instructions) that contain a specific directive, clearly state damaging action requested by a third party that results in clearing action by amazon and/or admissible in court. Third Party is defined as person(s), an organization, or a service (ex:,,, or any other service that was used to contract you to perform such action(s)).
  • Monetary compensation of up to $3000 for information that results in permanent action on to the third party that hired or incentivized you to perform negative action on our products.
  • Our legal team is offering “Release of Liability” form that will release you from any liability to any damages caused by your action(s) in case of a lawsuit. In other words – we are not after you, we are after those who hired you.

If you used a “review mill” service, please be aware that once we start legal proceedings a simple court order may require such service to share all relevant information, identification, compensation and any communication. Our Release of Liability will release you from all and any damages caused to our brand and revenue loss, those who do not have Release of Liability and identified at a later time will be responsible for damages caused to our business. 

Have something to share? Ready to talk? Want to learn more? Well, we created this page just for you – we are ready whenever you are!
Email us directly at and let’s chat! You may stay anonymous until information you provide is verified, action is taken and we are ready to send you the reward.


In early 2019 it became apparent that our products and brand are being targeted by a third party(ies). While we successfully eliminated several negative actions caused by third party “bad actors” we decided to back off, watch, listen, improve our products, take a deeper dive and collect much more substantial amount of data before taking much more adverse action against third party “bad actors” who are consistently trying to undermine our products and brand. We estimate that over 90% of negative reviews on our products are fake and were produced by a competing third party.  

Several reviewers who were incentivized by third party(ies) already came forward, we have pretty clear understanding who’s behind the curtains but we are looking for additional reviewers so we can clear up these actions in ONE BIG SWEEP. While some may get away with a lot of fake material on social media, business is different – negative actions by a competitor to another competitor is a felony, illegal, prosecutable, and with easily calculable damages to brand and revenue loss. We believe in fair competition and competing through making better consumer products – this is how customer and brands win since it pushes everyone to make better consumer products. We don’t troll competitors, we don’t fake reviews or perform any actions outside what’s considered to be moral and legal. 

Amazon has been investing millions of dollars in fight against bad actors, and in recent years permanently terminated hundreds of thousands fake reviews and seller accounts, and even sued thousands of sellers for buying fake reviews. Be aware, that if you’ve used a third party service, a “review mill” you might be on Amazon’s watch list already since some of these services could be owned, specifically developed, or at least contracted by as part of their fight against bad actors. If you decide to come forward, we promise to treat you with respect and dignity, we have nothing against you. We understand that times could be tough and a few bucks for a review could be helpful in some situations. Well, how about $1000 if you could help us to track down those who hired you? 🙂 

Ready to talk?
Email us directly at and lets chat!

~Team GoFiltr

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