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tomamstutz03 asked 2 years ago

Would I be able to put the Gofiltr into a 5 gallon water jug on a bottom feed water dispenser? Will it work like it should given enough contact time with the water before placing it into the dispenser. Today is January 13th I bought the GoFiltr about 3 weeks ago and I’m very happy and impressed with your product, You were right the 5 or 1 gallon jugs are way to large to change the PH and ionize the water, 32oz seems to be the largest size container that I have found that the filter will do it’s job in about 30-45 min. depending on the PH of the water you start with and ending up at 9-10 PH. My Mother is 73 and she swears by distilled water and adds trace mineral drops to the water. Distilled water takes about an hour and a half to raise the PH to 9-10, She has recently has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer and had surgery to remove the mass and her Chemo port was surgically installed last week and she will start that in 2-3 weeks and I said to myself, Self show her this product and they bought a couple after seeing her distilled water at 6 PH Yellow (Acidic) turn 9-10 PH Blue (Alkaline) and I said that she might feel better if she was drinking the Alkaline water with minerals added back into the  distilled water via the GoFiltr and research the high PH effects some cancer patients are describing and so far she is VERY HAPPY. I will keep you informed during her Chemo and her 3-5 year fight with this incidious disease and how she feels during this process drinking the high PH water.


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GoFiltr Team answered 2 years ago

Hey there! Theoretically it should work as far as pH and mineralization but we haven’t tested GoFiltrs in containers larger than 40oz. Since Alkalization/Mineralization depends on the amount of liquid + time I’d say leaving one GoFiltr Alkaline or GoFiltr Electrolyte overnight might do the trick but not sure exactly how much time it will take to get there. If you put GoFiltr right by the dispenser it could actually speed things up since it will mineralize and alkalize water right by the dispenser area faster than in the rest of the jug and I’m sure you don’t plan to drink all 5 gallons in 1 hr 🙂 If you decide to give it a try we’d love to hear from you! (seriously) 
ORP and water Ionization is slightly different story – any ionized water is extremely unstable – some bottled water makers label their water as ionized but it simply not possible since ionization fluctuates rapidly due to temperature, light, even time of the day, etc – unless water is being constantly ionized such as leaving GoFiltr in your water bottle there’s no way to keep water ionized. We’ve tested many water brands and all “ionized” bottled water ORP reading was no different from tap or regular bottled water… Main reason I bring this up because 5 gallons of water for one GoFiltr could be too much liquid volume to ionize and “control” for the little guy – it will be able to ionize water in close proximity (2-3 inches around) but anything beyond that might not be possible.
Hope this helps!

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