carriebowerman asked 2 years ago

I accidentally left my water bottle with the filter in it out in my car overnight. Is it still oknow that it’s been frozen inside water?

1 Answers
GoFiltr Team answered 2 years ago

Hey there! The minerals will not be affected by the freezing temperature but it could damage the biodegradable cartridge shell which is more fragile than regular plastics. Just let it sit and defrost at room temperature – don’t put it in hot water or microwave, heat is definitely going to damage minerals, the shell and your microwave will sparkle (we learned the hard way during our testing) While it’s defrosting you can enjoy the Ionized Alkaline Ice that you just made inside your bottle, accidentally… woohoo! If you find your GoFiltr in any way visually damaged after defrosting just reach out to us and we’ll send you a replacement – life’s not perfect, things happen and we’d love you to have the best experience with GoFiltr 🙂 Stay warm, cheers!

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