I don't have a bottle, do you have a suggestion?

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GoFiltr Team asked 2 years ago
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GoFiltr Team answered 2 years ago

Ultimate bottle: 24oz, dual insulated, stainless steel. Here’s why.

24oz is an optimal size. If you prefer smaller or larger size there’s nothing wrong with that but after some number crunching we’ve discovered that an average person on an average day probably wouldn’t need anything larger than 24oz bottle since this is enough water between refills. Many people like filling up bottles with specific/filtered water but if you use GO-FILTR then you can fill up your bottle from any tap and GO-FILTR will re-mineralize your water plus reduce some contaminants your tap water may have.

Plastic & Glass Bottles: While plastic bottles are light and cheap eventually they’ll end up in landfill or ocean, plus both plastic and glass bottles can easily crack & scratch. Most of these bottles are not dual insulated therefore they wont keep your water cold. If you take these bottles out on a warm day or to a beach then just imagine drinking that warm water from a plastic bottle that’s been sitting on a beach for an hour… you get the picture. If you like ice-cold water then these bottles will also “sweat” and drip and make a mess – not great if you carry it in your bag, will also wet everything it touches.

Single wall stainless steel bottles: durable but pretty much the same story as glass and plastic bottles. More expensive but good “green” choice. 

Dual insulated Stainless Steelheavier than single-walled bottles but totally worth it. These bottles more expensive than other bottles but come with a lot of benefits. Firstly, these bottles don’t sweat! Yes you can fill your bottle with icy-cold water and generally there will be no single drip or condensation. Secondly, it will keep your chilled beverage cool for a while, most dual-insulated bottle makers say that chilled beverages will stay cool 12-24hrs even if it’s in direct sunlight. If you plan on taking your bottle around the town in a warm day, a park or a beach then there’s nothing better than drinking refreshing chill water vs that warm water from a plastic bottle. While these bottles are heavier than other bottles on the market just think of weight as additional exercise that you add to your day. 😉

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