Should I leave It In My Water Bottle?

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simonbergeron8 asked 2 years ago

The directions say that the Go-Filtr takes up to 15 minutes to take full effect. So should I take it out of my water bottle after 15 minutes? If it stays in my water bottle, will that affect how long it works for? I refill my water bottle at the end of the day and leave it in the refrigerator all night. Will being constantly submerged reduce the life of the product?

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GoFiltr Team answered 2 years ago

Short answer: You should leave it in a bottle and just keep refilling.
Longer “nerdy :)” version: There are actually two processes – alkalization and ionization, let me break those two separately:

  1. alkalization process is pretty fast, especially in smaller bottles. Minerals responsible for this process specifically designed to slow down the alkalization process once water reaches alkaline level, extending the lifespan up to 90 days or 750 refills depending on the bottle size and how often you refill your bottle. Another reason to keep GoFiltr in a bottle is that it’s impossible to stabilize pH level of water – it fluctuates constantly. Unless you add baking soda also called “bicarbonate” to the water, a cheap mass production technique that many alkaline bottled water manufacturers use, an interesting method that we don’t practice or believe to, therefore GoFiltr has NO baking soda. 
  2. Ionization process is longer process – it takes about 15 minutes to turn water with ORP of +200 to negative 150 (the lower the number the better in this case), if you leave it longer, lets say for 30-45 minutes it should drop this value to -200/-300 and we’ve seen instances where it could reach levels below -900. This process is constant and also fluctuates rapidly due to external elements, ex: time of the day, radio waves, moon phase, temperature, bottle material, etc – the more free radicals in the atmosphere the more fluctuation will happen but leaving GoFiltr in a bottle will continue keeping it in negative range. There’s no way to have ionized water without constant ionization – we tested this a lot and 4-6 hours after taking GoFiltr out water usually returns to positive values around +50

hope this helps! 

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