What's the difference btw the 2 filters?

Help & SupportCategory: GO-FILTR AlkalineWhat's the difference btw the 2 filters?
KALEO K KALUHIWA asked 2 years ago

I”d like a filter that does both, makes water more alkaline and contains electrolytes.  Please advise.  thanks, Kaleo

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GoFiltr Team answered 2 years ago

Both GF Alkaline and GF Electrolyte make alkaline water with electrolytes. The differences are in proportions, mineral formula, average alkalinity, and amount of electrolytes infused into water.
Here’s the breakdown: 
GF Alkaline: specifically tuned to create ionized antioxidant alkaline water with pH of 9.5, contains mild amount of electrolytes, and infuses water with essential minerals. 
GF Electrolyte tuned to infuse water with more electrolytes than GF Alkaline, has different mineral formula with additional trace elements designed for better sport performance/recovery, contains Silicic acid, Vitamin C+, and will create ionized antioxidant alkaline water with average pH of 9. 
So if you are looking for “mild” alkaline water with mild amount of electrolytes then GF Alkaline should do the trick. But if you are looking for a better hydration/recovery water then GF Electrolyte is definitely a better choice. 

GoFiltr Team answered 1 year ago

Quick comparison chart for those who are more visual 🙂 
GoFiltr Alkaline & Electrolyte Comparison Chart

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